ValueIT is offering its VIP hosting to its customer. This is hosting is not as the normal shared hosting with a huge amount of customers on same server. We have a personal relationship with all of our customers and we take pride in giving our customers the best possible service and solution to a competitive price. This is an additional service for our customer and the price does not reflect the quality hosting that is offered.

All solution is hosted in one of Europe’s larges hosting area in secure environment. With state of the art surveillances with several internet connections.


This package is designed and for the customer with a small web business and need. It will suite perfect for a smaller entrepreneur or company.

  • Bandwith 50GB trafick
  • Hardisk 15G Space
  • Number of domains 15 domains
  • Number of subdomains 10 subdomains
  • Email accounts 25 emails
  • Auto respinders 25 Autoresponders
  • Databases 5 Mysql databases


Per month

We do recommend a yearly payment which we give 20% off and price will be 96 EUR pr year


The package is made for companies that has many customers online and run their on web shop or registering solution. The typical company that needs this solution is a company that has both online and offline business. It is a package that gives rooms for nice amount of growth to a good price.

  • Bandwith 100GB trafick
  • Hardisk 20G Space
  • Number of domains 20 domains
  • Number of subdomains 20 subdomains
  • Email accounts 50 emails
  • Auto respinders 50 Autoresponders
  • Databases 10 Mysql databases


Per month

We do recommend a yearly payment which we give 20% off and price will be 192 EUR pr year

Dedicated server

We offer also dedicated server to businesses that want to expand and want more space, speed and has advanced solutions online. Typical customers of these solutions are company with an aim of attracting larger amount of business and private customers. With a dedicated server all resources are dedicated only for your business.

  • 2 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB hard disk
  • Unlimited emails address
  • Unlimited DB’s


Per month

If you need other specifications for dedicated hosting please contact us and we will give you a special offer.

Client Testimonials

Great job! They resolved my Highcharts issues very quickly. Will definately use again. Erik

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